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GGE designs and manufactures industrial devices and systems where adequate air treatment is necessary, to protect the workplace and the environment.

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Airsol Smart

The AIRSOL SMART purifier is recommended for machine tools that use emulsified or integral coolant. The unit has 4 progressive filtering stages (Prefiltration with metallic filter; Centrifugal separation; High efficiency filtration; Optional absolute filter), to ensure high filtration efficiency.

Protection against explosions and fire in air filtration systems

Brochure PDF : Protections against fire and explosions in air filtration systemsProtection against Sparks and Fires GGE proposes systems, active or passive, capable of reducing the probability that...

GGE will exhibit at MECSPE 2020 in Parma (ITALY)

26-10-2020 UPDATE We inform the trade fair organization has canceled the next edition of MECSPE due to the new government regulations ragarding the COVID Emergency GGE invites you to MECSPE 2020...


Spark Trap for the protection of dust collector Red Cyclone is a device that reduces the risk of fire in industrial dust filtration systems. It represents a passive protection that significantly...

NERTI : Inerting powder dosing system

The NERTI powder dosing system allows you to mitigate the explosive characteristics of the powders or increase the filtration efficiency of packing and hygroscopic powders. NERTI looks like a...

GGE 2022 technical catalogue

The updated technical catalog of GGE srl products and solutions is available. Stand alone products, solutions for centralized suction systems, suction arms, fans and coolers, products for exhaust gas suction, etc.
red cyclone abbattimento scintille

RED Cyclone

Red Cyclone is a simple system, able to significantly reduce the possibility of fire in the fabric filters, decreasing the number of sparks that can reach it.

GGE is ISO 9001 certified

Since 2010 GGE has been certified for Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard. In 2016 the certification was updated and made compliant with the requirements of the standard for the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.

The certification is valid for the following application field: Design, production and assistance of products and air intake systems in industrial environments (Sector EA: 18).

Suction in ATEX areas

GGE produces certified systems for air intake in potentially explosive environments, where flammable dusts, gas, wood and paper shavings, fibers, food and organic residues are developed. Suction in ATEX areas is possible thanks to the use of antistatic filters, Aisi 304 and 316 stainless steel structures, automatic cleaning systems and explosion-proof panels.

red cyclone abbattimento scintille

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