Self-cleaning vertical cartridge filters [FINPOL]

Areas of use of self-cleaning vertical cartridge filters FINPOL
  • Dust filtration in particular in the fields: powder coating, food processing, animal feed production, chemical treatments, sandblasting
  • Mixing, weighing and packing of solid materials in powder form
  • Sanding, grinding, cutting and edging on metals that don't produce sparks
  • Surface cleaning
  • Painting operations with powders
  • Dust abatement rubber, cast iron, graphite, iron, steel, plastic, carbon, epoxy powder coating, powder fiberglass
Technical features of self-cleaning vertical cartridge filters FINPOL
  • Strong construction in painted carbon steel and galvanized carbon steel
  • Compressed air automatic cleaning with Venturi or with control unit
  • High efficiency filtration with vertical cartridges (>99% for particles down to 1 micron)
  • Nanofiber filtering media Ultraweb® optional (DT models)
  • High efficiency of cleaning system (1 electrovalve for each cartridge)
  • Dust collection bin 170 liter
  • Air inlet buffles (DT models)
  • Ease of use and maintenance: the cartridges are easily accessible, allowing rapidity in the replacement
  • The modularity allow a compact and economic design even for highest flowrates

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