Air destratification fans [DE]

Areas of use of air destratification fans DE
  • Designed to mix the air wherever there is the need to eliminate heat and humidity stratification, with consequent wastes of energy and discomfort for the people
  • Suitable in industrial and commercial buildings, sporting halls, warehouses, stores, stock-farms
Technical features of air destratification fans DE
  • Provides the mixing of the air, even in big size environments, allowing a uniform temperature in any point and height.
  • The use of low energy consumption motors, low speed and adjustable, the design of the diffuser, impeller and casing, allow the best possible solution to the above mentioned problems
  • Compared with the centrifugal systems, has the advantage of fewer installations (less connections and electrical consumptions), due to the greater area of influence
  • The design and the speed adjustable motors avoid the arising of troublesome cold airflows and pulsations
  • Ring casing, with double wide round shaped nozzles, and diffuser resistant to atmospheric agents
  • Chains and fixing bracket
  • Inlet grid in steel rod, protected against the atmospheric agents
  • Impeller with high efficiency air foil blades in plastic materials and hub in die-cast aluminum
  • Balancing according to UNI ISO 1940
  • Asynchronous electric motor three and single phase with thermal protection, speed adjustable, protection IP 55, Class F insulated, service S1
  • Arrangement 5 (impeller directly coupled to motor shaft)
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