Axial fans for application in pipes [VDI]

Areas of use of axial fans for application in pipes VDI
  • Suitable when large air capacities with relatively low pressures are required in duct mounted applications
  • Ventilation and conditioning in naval and mining applications, evaporative towers, heat exchangers, cooling of electric and refrigerating equipments, etc.
Technical features of axial fans for application in pipes VDI
  • This line consists of 15 sizes with impeller diameter from 310 up to 1410 mm
  • Line characterised by the extreme sturdiness of construction, thanks to the flanges directly bended on the casing, and the thickness of the materials
  • Variety of versions and models allows the solution of most of the problems of ventilation
  • Impeller consists of a strong hub, in die-cast aluminum alloy for the fixing of the blades
  • Available in different materials suitable for heavy duties
  • Casing in steel sheet protected with epoxy painting
  • Fixing flanges according to UNI-ISO 6580/EUROVENT 1-2 standards.
  • Impeller with high efficiency airfoil blades in plastic material or in die-cast aluminum alloy, hub in die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Balancing according to UNI ISO 1940
  • Asynchronous electric motor, protection IP 55, class F insulated, form B3, service S1 construction according to the IEC/EEC (UNEL-MEC) standard
  • Arrangement 4 (impeller directly coupled to motor shaft)
  • Versions with impeller with in die-cast aluminum blades
  • Explosion proof versions (Atex)
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