Mobile and adjustable axial fans [VDT EV]

Areas of use of mobile and adjustable axial fans VDT EV
  • Suitable to create air curtains to protect people working near heat sources (ovens, incandescent surfaces, etc.)
  • Fans line designed to attein the “wind” effect in tv and movies studios
  • Ideal to blow sleeves advertising balloons
  • These fans may be dislocated and dragged anywhere since they are stood on a pedestal and oriented with different slopes thanks to the fixing of the ventilation casing by means of hand wheels
Technical features of mobile and adjustable axial fans VDT EV
  • This line consists of 8 sizes with impeller diameter from 310 up to 700 mm
  • The extreme compactness of the motor-impeller assembly allows to obtain a product well slighter, manageable and stable than the versions with traditional IEC motors
  • The perfect adjustability of the RPM in the mono-phase versions consents to fit the performances to the requirements
  • Casing in steel sheet epoxy coated
  • Fixing flanges designed according to UNI-ISO 6580 EUROVENT 1-2
  • Impeller with high efficiency airfoil blades in plastic material and hub in die-cast aluminum alloy, variable pitch angle
  • Balancing according to UNI 1940
  • Asynchronous electric motor three or single phase with thermal protection, speed adjustable, protection IP 55, Class F insulated, service S1
  • External terminal box, connected to the motor, placed outside on the fan casing
  • Arrangement 5 (impeller directly coupled to motor shaft)
  • Pedestal in tubolar with hand-wheels to determine the throw position
  • Protections grids impeller and motor side manufactured in accordance with UNI EN ISO 12499
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